Short sharp shocks….

Texas Hold ‘em – just for fun.

We sat down at midnight after a feed of beer and curry. And there was banter and fun. But something’s changed. We aren’t playing anymore. This game’s a proxy. It’s distilled itself down to something desperate and single-minded.

I didn’t sign up for this. It’s a load of crap. But they truly believe their own hype. Four of them, and me. 2 am, near as damned. And this whiskey’s making me blind and sleepy.

Sly, sideways and no quarter yeah, they all seem to hate each other. Gripped by shots, humiliation, and the laughing. Constant laughing about nothing. They were pretending earlier all talk like kids, but now, with midnight a memory, I’m not so sure and neither it seems are they.

I hate it all.

They think this is how to be a man. And maybe it is. Maybe there’s so many now who think like this and act like this and are like this, that maybe this is just how we are.

Where’s that drink? Here’s my flush. I’ll show them how to play. I’ll beat you all. Yes, you’re all going down tonight. I’ll beat you, cause I know how to play, but I damn well won’t join you. Bring it children. Bring it.




We, the mighty 1%.

We’re the quiet army. Waiting for the call.

Ready to go. Anywhere, any time – day or night – and yes, we’ll do just about anything.

We’ll scratch an itch, clean your nails, maybe your teeth. Hopefully not in that order. We’ll pick a lock, or get some old zip drive open for you. Anything. Dammit I heard a guy once fixed one of us up as an earring. And don’t you ever underestimate how necessary we are in a budgetary meeting on a wet Tuesday afternoon in Slough. Bend and snap!

We are unchanged in 116 years. Someone even told me we’re a design classic. But we ain’t proud. We just sit and wait and then we get it on.

And they say 99 percent of us will never be used. Well maybe. But we are all volunteers and we are all ready. We stand prepared for anything…. Hell, sometimes we even bring two pieces of paper together.

We, the mighty 1%, are at your service.





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