Her Majesty’s Servant….

…I’ve always thought that a decent Bond title….

So the Bond Estate has let someone else write a Bond book….


You really think they should just leave it, and they should. But who can’t resist another Bond tale? Not the writers when offered I’m sure, and not the readers.

Nobody does it better than Fleming. But Boyd could be a good choice.

What was with Deavers and his Carte Blanche? It’s all a bit Action Book! And who wants Bond to go reaching for his mobile phone?

Sebastian Faulks was a bit too literary possibly. Too effete? Bit too, croissants for brunch and see you later for a shandy before supper. And that monkey hand….shudder.

Bond likes to eat well too of course. And he likes ladies and fast, fast cars.

This guy Boyd. He may well be just the ticket. Down the middle – he writes good rattling yarns…..
You soooo want it to be good. And sensibly its back to his original era (just about). And he’s aging…. Well ok. Ok, can just about take that….

Aren’t we all.

No wait, dammit, that’s the point of Bond…. He is a cipher. Which brings me back to my original comment (like a good columnist)….. perhaps Bond should be left well alone… but who can resist….

And on and on and on Mr Bond….



(……..James Bond will return.)


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