Something fundamentally wrong here….

Why was Romley not asked about his Moronism? Isn’t that his name? Remember that bloke who had a go, and was beaten despite the economy and unemployment and billions of dollars of funding and all the hate and fear mongering. Yeah. Ronmey. Him. Well now. The near total collusion of silence on his absurd fundamentalism. In the media. What was all that about?

I think the reason may be somewhat complex. Layered and faintly sinister. (but I am not mad.) Unlike him.

Oh all right. He’s not mad either. I mean no more than anyone else. I reckon that what happened to Rommey could have happened to many of us. You get introduced to something, all your friends are doing it, all your family’s doing it. You don’t actually think that much about it, and then before you know it your professional, cultural and social life is built around it and you just silence those wee whispered voices of dissent at the back of your cave and you just carry on from day to day. Which is easy when you are Mitten Rommily the Third and a Grand Bisphop-prick. After you Bishop R etc etc….

Anyway. That’s a digression.

The thing about Mitto is not only is he a Moron. He is a fundamentalist Moron. What he ‘believes’ in draws too much attention to a rather thorny subject and one that I think most journos would rather steer clear of.

That believing in god is a sham belief. Everyone with half a brain knows it’s a throw-back, a nonsense and all a bit embarrassing. But to have to drag out all this really nutty stuff up is just to underline that further, and to even sully people who pretend to believe (like most politicians) by a kind of association.

And we don’t want to do that. So we keep it out at arm’s length. We pretend it’s a mild idiosyncrasy (instead of a BARKING MAD HANGOVER from America’s founding era) and we look the other way. The dinner party goes on, we raise our voices as the mad son, his voice and opinions too loud too tart too krazy, as he is bundled upstairs by the burly footman. And we all pretend that what we have is a reasonable race between two well matched, ideologically opposed, intelligent Good Men and True.

But we don’t. We have one, and the Republican’s candidate. Romilly.

Because their party is in thrall to a hoard of fear mongering, xenophobic, small-minded Morons who pitched up with a worse version of GWB. We had an election where $4.5 billion was spent on ads. Most of which by the way won’t have had that much effect. But that’ s not even the point. Someone needs to stand up and say. This is madness. We had an election in a country where 30,000 people die (not counting the  injuries and trauma) from gun related deaths every year. And there was even a massacre in a cinema during the latter stages of the race. And no one talked about it. Not really.

A political culture that is able to avoid talking about this issue is broken and a social culture that tolerates its media dodging the question of how a man running for the highest political office in the world can follow a BARKING mad millenarianist cult, is just not working. It’s so sad.

Most American’s I meet are verbose, thoughtful, educated, but there’s clearly a whole load of bad brewing over there. America is hanging on by its fingertips. Four more years. Phew, that was close. Too close.


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