The London Lit Project….

They are only wee, only short, but I like them and so it seems did they. They being the London Lit Project.

They do literary flash pieces on a great website…. and they are all based around London. Little sketches of this city, little blasts of prose and poetry that is gradually building into a patchwork picture of London….. and these are mine. Oh and they are all either 60 or 250 words exactly, which presents an interesting editing challenge.

One more thing I feel I need to point out, given how many pieces I have on the London Lit Project….. it’s not run by my Granny. Nor anyone else I know.

We just seem to click. Submitting to journals and websites is a funny thing. Writing is subjective. It’s the same on Twitter. Sometimes its just works and things flow – you are on the same page. When I try and write for the LLP, its not easy, but it comes. That’s it. I don’t want to analyse it any more than that.

…and … the September competition winner….

And my Flash Trio I’ll just post the first one – there are links to parts 2 and 3 … its my Lord of the Rings… if you like them, please leave a comment…


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