Tufnell Park

I saw a really strange thing in Tufnell Park the other day… I saw a woman, on Huddleston road juggling fire… you don’t get that in Tunbridge Wells. Then I saw a flat, one bed, for £235,000 – it truly is mad round here.

Ah. property. Let’s just leave that.

But I really did see a young woman half way up Hudd road, not actually juggling, it was a stick that was a-flame at either end and she was twirling it around in the air. It looked fantastic, in the gathering dusk, and of course like any sight of fire slightly frightening, just enough.

And about a month ago I was walking around the same area, in the evening, with herself and the wee man, and I looked into a front room to see a string quartet practicing.

I love Tufnell Park. Not in a – I will find a way to like, or love my area, and bore people to death with tales of popping down to the Farmer’s Market and having tea in the Literary Cafe (I find it a tad over priced and the Farmer’s Market is more comedy than quaint). No I am not going to get a mug that says ‘I heart Tufnell Park’, but there is something that’s rather right about round here. I have always liked North London.

Loads of creative people, not too far from some greenery, and the streets, the houses and the trees are just beautiful. Could do with a better pub. But its a real little gem.





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  1. Both very nice pubs indeed. But Tufnell Park? Maybe the Junction Tavern – but its in the disputed zone between TP and Kentish town. The only one is the TP Tavern which is an over priced canvernous hole… that’s what I was getting at I think.

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