On Atheist meeting places…

Alain de Botton has had an idea….


Yes yes, yes I see, I do see.

Its a tricky one this one – the meeting place for atheists one.

I get why and I even agree that for some people it would be a good thing and so useful for Atheism.

However, there is a certain kind of atheist who shouldn’t be encouraged. People who are getting as much and the same thing from atheism as they would do (or, more likely, formally got) from religion.
Oh we have a meeting place and I go there, and I love Dawkins and I wear a T-Shirt, and I’m an Atheist and GOD is SO SHIT!

People sometimes say atheism is empty – and they are plain wrong about that – that is a complete misunderstanding as it is about active rational thought which neccessarily precludes and rejects superstition but based on something positive – reason. And reason is the only basis for progress.
However, it does and should reject empty gesturism, and I am not sure at all if De Botton’s idea is not, a very grandiose and eloquent expression of that.


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