Why it makes me angry when people argue.

So why would that be? Mendacity.

I was listening to Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry (the Blessed) debate with Ann Widdecombe and someone else about the Catholic church. And that was a frustrating experience: having to listen to, erudition, learning and – dammit – good sense lined up against obstinacy, nonsense and that woman’s voice.

But it reminded me of my own experiences in that area. There is really no point.

Anyway. Mendacity.

I don’t mean that they are wrong. Or I don’t just mean that. Its how their argument is not answering the points raised in the debate. And that this is probably on purpose – either through carelessness or a direct avoidance of a raised point that they have no real answer for.

In other words they know they are wrong deep down.

But I suppose the point is, that others will listen to that debate, some unsure, on their way in or perhaps out of a recognised groupthink nightmare (a religion) and they may be given cause to stop and think (that which we don’t really have to much time for it seems these days) and they might say.

Hang on, just hang on a second, that tall fella… and his portly friend. That’s the better way to go.

Blog that.


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