About me

My name is Michael Carey. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised there, after a fashion, for the first 19 years of my life. After that, I went to England. There was no plan, (there’s rarely a plan) this is just how it happened.

I’m in North London now. I was in Tufnell Park. It was nice. I’m sure it still is. But right now I’m clinging to the edge of London…. with white fingertips…. but it is still London. The game’s still afoot.

This website is a place for the things that I write. Some of them anyway. There must always be a chance that the things written will be read. The threat of an audience, however small, sharpens your pen bringing focus, clarity and a pursuit of the engaging.

Also, there is my novel – I have written a book, hopefully my first. It’s about love and belief and the power of religion….. There’s more on ‘my novel.’

Thanks for visiting.


I am also here… sometimes funny, often angry…. occasionally thoughtful…



2 responses to “About me

  1. Hi from fellow Cracked Eye author. If you ever feel like an email chat on NOVEL issues, or other literary endeavours . . . best wishes, Kate.

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