About me

My name is Michael Carey. I was born in Northern Ireland and raised there, after a fashion, for the first 19 years of my life. After that, I went to England.

There was no plan, (there’s rarely a plan) this is just how it happened. I’m in North London now. Tufnell Park. It’s nice.

This website is a place for the things that I write. Some of them anyway. There must always be a chance that the things written will be read. The threat of an audience, however small, sharpens your pen bringing focus, clarity and a pursuit of the engaging. So….we’ll see about that….

Also, there is my novel – I have written a book, hopefully my first. It’s about love and belief and the power of religion….. There’s more on ‘my novel.’

Thanks for visiting.


I am also here… sometimes funny, often angry…. occasionally thoughtful.



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